About Pho Tahoe

It was a dream come true for my wife and I after we bought a house here in Pollock Pines six years ago. From that time, we have enjoyed what the town has to offer with the Sierra and Lake Tahoe.  


There is something that we miss though when we are away from the Bay Area and that is a good hot bowl of Pho.  From where we lived, we would have to travel a good 45-minute to an hour driving distance to find one.


And so Pho Tahoe is born.


We want a place that would serve our favorite Vietnamese and American dishes. And we also wanted a Sports Bar atmosphere to enjoy the dining experience.


Pho Tahoe incorporates Asian/American food in a sports entertainment atmosphere.


So if you are looking for a hot bowl of Pho or platter of hot wings to watch the game, Pho Tahoe is your place!​

What People are Saying


Dhir L.

“I am super excited to have Pho Tahoe here in our neck of the woods! We were here 11/2, for a "soft opening" night and were pretty darn impressed.”


Gina S.

“OMG yaaaaaas .... The pho is great. Just like my old favorite bay area spots. The fried roll is great, really fat and fresh with fillings.  Will absolutely return”


Katherine B.

“Pho Tahoe is a new little gem in Pollock Pines”


6530 Pony Express Trail

Pollock Pines, CA 95726

(530) 344-7924



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Sun 12pm to 8:30pm

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